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Management Coroplast Tape Technology

Andre Tillmanns

General Manager

Has extensive experience and continuously refined in Automotive Industry since 1986. Looks forward to the coming changes base on alternative power systems in vehicles and general transportation with great excitement. Believes it is our duty to contribute with our utmost efforts and resources to mankind convenience, safety and environmental sustainability. Coroplast tape products and manufacturing processes clearly subscribe to these goals and make us a leader for wiring harness protection tapes globally and confirm this position in China as well.

Coroplast Corporate Management

Natalie Mekelburger

Chairwoman of the Board of Management

Has determined the strategic course of Coroplast as Chairwoman of the Board of Management and partner since 2006. Preserves the character and the structures of a family-managed enterprise with flat hierarchies and straightforward decision-making. Supports the entrepreneurial spirit within the company as guiding principle for the Coroplast management culture. Is committed to the continuous cultivation of human resources development. Promotes art, both within the company and in its environment, and sees Coroplast as a place of inspiration, not only as one of endeavour. Views digitisation as a management issue.

Marcus Söhngen

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management and Managing Director Technical Adhesive Tapes

Has been a managing director at Coroplast since 2001. As businessman and engineer, has played a crucial role in the rapid growth of the enterprise. Is always in search of new technical solutions and has the courage to do things differently to the rest of the sector. Believes in the positive impact of humour, enjoying work, the effectiveness of informal one-on-one talks and, above all, the motivating power of common success.

Torben Kämmerer

Managing Director Cable Assemblies

Became the youngest member of the management team in 2011 after only five years at Coroplast. Is the tireless powerhouse driving the continual internationalisation of the Group. Sees a high level of automation and the strong impact of internationally experienced teams as the way to overtake the competition. Is convinced that innovative products and the courage to solve problems differently to competitors will always win through in the end.

Wolfram Berns

Managing Director Finance, Controlling, IT and Logistics

Moved directly from the University of Wuppertal to Coroplast and, as Managing Director, has been responsible for the administrative side of the company since 2011. Believes in lean structures and in-house further training as the best way of keeping up with the rapid growth in Coroplastֹ’s operations. Pursues the aim of comprehensively improving and standardising processes and making them increasingly efficient.